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About Greengrow Capital

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Cannabis Consulting Services

Our service-based solutions can be tailor made to your start up project or your existing operations. We work side by side with you to understand your vision, strategies and objectives and then help you put together a plan to achieve success.


Our experienced Grow Team can assist with all operational matters associated with the start-up and continued growing of medical cannabis in order to maximise output and ultimate revenue generation.


Provision of Access to Funding and Capital

We have access to an international network of venture capital and fund management entities, looking to invest in and fund exciting growth opportunities in order to provide attractive returns. The medical cannabis markets are complex, ever-changing, and fraught with challenges and an operation setup can be capital intensive. We have partners that can help your business navigate forward and fund your current or future projects. With visions of double-digit growth, year after year, the medical cannabis market is here to stay and promises exciting returns for those who are looking for alternate investment options.

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Current Projects

We are currently working and in partnership with one of South Africa's first cannabis license holders to fund and establish what will be one of South Africa's leading producers of high-grade medical cannabis. We have facilitated the set-up of a fully operational greenhouse / indoor facility with state of the art water, irrigation and filtration systems as well as a certified drying facility and all associated infrastructure. Our grow team has been deployed and cultivation is underway.


There are hundreds of chemical compounds in cannabis, many of which are cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have been linked to providing relief of chronic pain due to their chemical makeup. Which is why cannabis’ by-product such as medical cannabis is commonly used for chronic pain relief.

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