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Greengrow Capital is a Cannabis Consulting Company based in South Africa. 

Greengrow Capital is a Cannabis Consulting Company based in South Africa. We specialize in all areas surrounding the start-up of a Medical Cannabis production facility, including the sourcing of funding and provision of experienced grow teams, to assist Licence Holders in reaching their full capacity for the cultivation and production of medical grade Cannabis. 

Our leading cannabis team have a wide range of expertise and offer advice on site selection, facility architecture and structure, cultivation and potential extraction considerations. We pride ourselves on our combined knowledge and experience to assist in the growing of high quality medical cannabis and the achievement of constant yields to maximise output and profit generation.

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About Medical Cannabis


The cannabis plant has a history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years. With legalisation slowly starting to spread across the globe, this new, fast-growing wonder drug has created a new wave of fascination and intrigue around the world.


The cannabis plant is said to contain more than 140 different chemicals called cannabinoids. Each one has a different effect on the on the body. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) are the most notable cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant and used in medicine. Cannabinoids, the active chemicals in medical cannabis, are similar to chemicals that the human body produces with regard to appetite, memory, movement, and pain.


South Africa is one of the most recent countries to have legalised medical cannabis, which they did in September 2018. Medical cannabis uses the cannabis plant or chemicals in it to treat diseases or medical conditions.


Research suggests that cannabinoids used in the correct application could assist with the following: 

  • Reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

  • Reduce anxiety.

  • Kill cancer cells and slow tumour growth.

  • Control nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

  • Stimulate appetite and improve weight gain in people with cancer and HIV AIDS.

  • Relax tight muscles in people with Multiple Sclerosis

  • Help with neurological and mental disorders.

  • Halting of progression of Alzheimer's Disease.

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In many people's opinions, there is no other plant or compound on the planet that has such a wide range of healing properties or aids in so many different types of ailments.

The legalisation of medical cannabis will open the doors for extensive medical research and development, and potentially allow for the provision of a cure for many who are sick and without hope.

We believe it is important to be a part of this very exciting future.

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